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Fleet Management Shop

Fleet's mechanics stay busy performing preventative maintenance, along with small repairs like replacing bulbs and wiper blades.

Vehicle Auction

Since 2003, Fleet Management has used the auction site to dispose of obsolete vehicles. Check our updated surplus inventory by clicking the link below.

Fueling Facility

In 2013, Fleet Management changed from having our own fueling facility to a fuel credit card program. This enables our customers to remain in their districts and get fuel there then have to drive to our location. Our fleet obtains approximately 7,000 gallons of fuel per week.

Accidents happen

Fleet Management provides claim services for Franklin County agencies so they can resolve and reduce vehicle accidents. With as many miles as our fleet drives, there are going to be some accidents.

Mechanics with experience

Fleet's six mechanics have 176 years of combined experience. They do an excellent job and are always looking out for the safety of our drivers.

In 2016, Fleet Management added an Equipment Installer. This installer turns a vehicle into a cruiser. Moving this to an inhouse service has reduced our vehicle down time and increased our efficiency with the emergency equipment repairs.


Fleet Management is the internal agency responsible for preventative maintenance, minor and major vehicle repairs, emergency repairs, towing of disabled vehicles, providing fuel, expediting accident repairs and claims, new vehicle purchasing and preparation for departmental use, and the disposal of obsolete vehicles for all vehicles owned by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. Fleet Management also provides fuel and services to numerous other governmental entities located in Franklin County. Fleet is proud to do their part to protect and serve the citizens of Franklin County by maintaining a safe and dependable fleet of vehicles.

John O'Grady President
Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce